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What is Matrix?

The Matrix soccer club is one of the largest soccer clubs in San Diego County. We are the competitive arm of AYSO (the largest club in the county with over 12,000 players). The Matrix teams are for serious young athletes who want to challenge themselves in a competitive soccer environment.  Matrix teams compete for 9-12 month in various tournaments and regular season play throughout San Diego County and beyond. Matrix players will have an opportunity to reach the highest levels of play that San Diego County has to offer.  In fact, the Matrix Soccer Club has MORE Premier level* SDDA teams than ALL the other San Marcos youth clubs combined! So, if you are looking to take your game to the next level contact one of our coaches, Trainers, or Director about what the next step is in raising your game to the next level.

Upcoming Tryouts/Call Backs

Please Bring this Tryout Release Form  filled out.
NOTE: must be ready to play- cleats and shin guards must be worn

Girls U15 thru U19 Teams. – Apr. 6th and 8th

Time: 5:30 to 7:30 (please arrive at 5pm to check in).

Location: Palomar Minkoff Field

GU15 Blue – Ray Frost, Tim Goudarzi, Paul Calabrese – 760-207-5900
GU15 Silver – Alexis Parra – 760-669-2103
GU16 Elite – Andy Gast & Chuck Sullivant – 760-519-4497
GU17 Elite/SDDA – Janet Parise & Chuck Sullivant – 760-580-3174
GU19 Elite – Chris Bowman 760-445-1453

BOYS U15 thru U19 Tryouts – Apr 14th and 16th

Time: 5:30 to 7:30 (please arrive at 5pm to check in).

Location: Palomar Minkoff Field

Teams, Coaches & Trainers:
BU15 – Shawne Hagerthy 760-212-6047
BU16 Elite/SDDA – Gary Simmons, Ree Simmons, Kyle Baker – 760-822-3710
BU17 – Tim Goudarzi – 760-579-3386
Bu18 – Shawne Hagerthy, Tim Goudarzi – 760-212-6047
BU19 Elite – Matt Haldago – 949 212-1747

Teams that have already completed Tryouts:

  • GU10 – Coach Janet Parise – 760-580-3174
  • BU11 – Coach Bob Crain – Looking for 3,2 impact players Call Bob – 760-744-5755
  • GU12 – Coach Max Carpia & Rick Cuevas – 760-726-2027
  • BU14 – Coach Brian Phillips – 760-522-3351


Are you looking for Additional Training?

The Matrix Soccer club offers Private, Semi-private, and Group soccer SKILLS based training sessions. In addition we are bring back our Friday Night Clinics… Click here for more info: Training

Friday Night Clinics are Back!

Starting March 13th the Matrix Soccer Academy will be hosting, “Friday Night Clinics” at Hollandia Soccer Field, 5:30 pm to 7 pm. This is a 6 week program designed to improve your kids Footwork, Tatical Skills, and Technical abilities, DON’T Miss OUT! Go to Friday Night Clinics!