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FB体育·(中国)官方网站 FB成立于2006年,是一家集研发、设计、制造、销售和售后为一体的综合性现代化智能制造生产性企业。旗下拥有一名收录入国家人才名录的高级工程师和多位具有年以上实战开发经验的中、高级工程师团队;其产品主要涵盖食品、药品、保健品、茶叶、咖啡、五金、日化、汽配、日用品、农副产品等领域的软袋包装,自动化、智能化和无人化的整体设计方案是公司重点开发方向。经过多年的努力,公司开发出了一大批拥有自主知识产权,甚至是填补国内行业空白的国家级专利产品;我司产品已通过欧盟CE认证,并在2020年获得“中国包装机行业科技创新示范基地”称号。产品已经销往全球40多个国家和地区,并已为全球近万家品牌提供服务。公司坐落在上海市南翔高科技产业园,交通十分便利,自然环境优美、软硬件设施齐全。

FB体育·(中国)官方网站 FB秉承:“质量为先、用户至上”的经营宗旨,遵循:“科技创新、立足市场”的工作理念,我们将紧跟国家2025智能制造的战略方向,不断在智能化、无人化领域做出自己的贡献!

在此,我们对新老客户的支持与厚爱表示最衷心的感谢,FB体育·(中国)官方网站 FB会在接下来的岁月中,不断推出好品、精品,为国内外的用户提供最具性价比的优质产品,我们将一如既往的努力打造团队,开拓创新,锐意进取,如在工作中有不足之处,请予以海涵!



Company profile

Shanghai Qindian Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD is established in 2006, is a professional intelligent manufacturing production enterprise. It is a integrated modern enterprises of researching and development, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales. Our company has a senior engineer who is included in the national talent list and a team of middle and senior engineers team which have more than 30-50 years of practical development experience. Our products mainly cover automatic, intelligent and unmanned packaging equipment or production line for food, medicine, health products, tea, coffee, hardware, daily chemicals, auto parts, daily necessities, agricultural and sideline products, etc. Automation, intelligent and unmanned overall design scheme is the company's key development direction. After years of efforts, the company has developed a large number of national patent products with independent intellectual property rights, and even filled the gap in the domestic industry; The products have passed the CE certification of EU. In 2020, it won the title of China Packaging Machine Science and technology innovation demonstration base, and its products have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and has provided services for nearly 10000 brands around the world. The company is located in Shanghai Nan’ Xiang High-tech industrial Park. Transportation is very convenient, natural environment is beautiful, hardware and software facilities are complete.

Shanghai Qindian Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD obedience to the business tenet of "quality first, customer first", following the working concept of "scientific and technological innovation, market first", closely following the strategic direction of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2025, we have made our own contribution in the field of intelligent and unmanned!

Here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the support and love of new and old customers. In the coming years, Shanghai Qindian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will continue to launch good products and high-quality products to provide customers at home and abroad with the most cost-effective high-quality products. We will, as always, strive to build a team, open up new ideas and forge ahead. If we have deficiencies in the following work, please kindly understand.

Shanghai Shouheng Packing Machinery&Materials CO.,LTD is consumable material complement enterprises belongs to "Qindian".